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Rodney Ellis

Database Expert & ETL Specialist

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About Me

I've built my IT career around taking businesses away from using legacy systems based around Excel & Access and converting them into modern, professional systems based on SQL Server.

I'm also an expert at making SQL Server run faster!

Although I've worked at many large companies such as Credit Corp Group, William Hill, DeLonghi , PricewaterhouseCoopers and Harvey Norman in various DBA & Developer Roles, I don't get as much satisfaction as when I do work for the smaller business. I currently have several consultancy contracts with small businesses within Sydney.

If you want me to help your business, please get in touch!

Core Services

SQL Server Database Adminstration (DBA)  Fixed Cost!

If you're in charge of a "small business" or team, then you don't need to pay someone to sit in a chair to check the daily backups. Leave it with me!

Legacy System → SQL Server

Excel has its place in a Business, but it should not run the business!
If you're using Excel to do your CRM or anything else for that matter, then contact me to upgrade it to a SQL Server based system

Speed up your SQL Database!   13 Point Check!

Is your SQL Server grinding to a halt? Give me one hour to do an extensive 13 Point Check to find out why and give you recommendations on what to do.

Speak At Your Event!  

There are few things I enjoy more than teaching, and I am always looking for opportunities to speak to groups. I base my speeches around these two topics:

  1. Why your business needs a database (non-technical)
  2. How to build/develop a database needs a database (technical)
If you would like me to come to your business or group, then please Contact Me

My Formal Qualifications